Top 7 Knee Replacement alternatives when you are not ready!

Knee Replacement Alternatives
Knee Replacement Alternatives

An ideal profile for knee replacement alternatives searcher is someone who was recommended Knee replacement surgery but is not ready for it.

Are you one of them? If yes, do not worry. In this article, I will be talking about all the alternatives for knee replacement surgery, including surgical and non-surgical treatments.

It will significantly help other knee replacement blog readers if you can comment on why you are not ready for the surgery since it has very fantastic outcomes.

After consulting many people who were not ready for Knee replacement surgery and looking for alternatives, the following reasons came as the main deciding factor of not undergoing surgery:

  1. Fear of undergoing surgery
  2. Knee Replacement Complications
  3. Knee replacement cost
  4. Potential failures
  5. No social support
  6.  Extend surgery as long as possible.
  7. Preparing the home for surgery

All of these reasons are valid reasons in their way. No matter what is your reason for searching a surgery alternative, this blog post will educate you about it.

Non-Surgical Knee Replacement alternatives

First, we will look at non-surgical treatment options available to you and which are relatively cheaper.

Lifestyle modifications

lifestyle modifications

We know that being overweight or obese can put a lot of strain on our knees and worsen Knee arthritis. So leaving a healthy lifestyle and being conscious about your body weight can significantly help you with your arthritic knee pain.

Some examples of lifestyle modifications include weight control, regular exercises, and low-impact activities like yoga and taichi.

Physical therapy

knee physical therapy

My domain. I am a proud PT about what I do, and I can talk for hours and hours on the role of Physical therapy.

Due to Knee Arthritis, your knee becomes painful and stiff as well as muscles weak. A physical therapist can show you some exercises which can help you ease your knee pain by improving knee muscle strength and flexibility.

So many times, you can do much more with the help of your physical therapist than on your own.

Knee Pain Medications 

knee pain medications

We all know the adverse effects of pain medications on our bodies. Even physicians are also aware of it.

Many patients can and do delay their surgery for months with the help of knee pain medications.

Knee Pain Medications can be prescribed or bought over the counter, and they help by reducing pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Herbal supplements

Although their role is debatable, and I am still skeptical about it, many people are taking supplements like glucosamine sulphate and hyaluronic acid and have seen improvements in their knee pain.

Knee Injections 

knee injections

If the treatments mentioned above do not help you with easing your knee pain or if effects are very short-lived, then you should consider corticosteroid knee injections.

Usually, the effects of knee injections are very profound and last longer than other non-surgical knee replacement alternatives. Hyaluronic acid injections are given to lubricate the knee joint, which can reduce bone friction and improves mobility.

Surgical Knee Replacement Alternatives

When all the other knee pain treatments have failed to produce results, surgical treatment options need to be considered.

Arthroscopic surgery

surgical knee replacement alternative

Compared to full or partial knee replacement, Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive type of knee surgery.

With the help of arthroscopic knee surgery, you can delay your knee replacement surgery for a considerable time.

My mom is an example of it. She underwent knee arthroscopy in 2005, and it is 2020 now. Talk to your doctor about your knee surgery options.

Osteotomy as Knee Replacement Alternatives

Osteotomy as Surgical Knee Replacement Alternatives
By User:Koen, CC BY-SA 4.0,

As per Merriam-Webster, Osteotomy is a surgical operation in which a bone is divided, or a piece of bone is excised to correct a deformity.

This procedure is typically recommended for younger individuals with deformity or damage only on one side of the knee.

The only presumable disadvantage of Osteotomy is that it might be difficult for some individuals to go for future knee replacement surgery successfully.

Have you tried any of these knee replacement alternatives, and were you able to delay your knee replacement surgery? 

Is there any other treatment alternative that you know which has helped you, and you want others to know about it?

Please let me know so I can update this knee replacement blog post to benefit others and improve my knowledge of the subject matter.

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