Double Knee Replacement- Everything to Know.

double knee replacement

So, you are looking for some information on double knee replacement or bilateral knee replacement?

Maybe you are wondering about double knee replacement cost or recovery tips.

In this article, we are going to discuss the disadvantages of double knee surgery.

Depending on your personality, you can look at advantages here before reading about disadvantages or vice versa. It is up to you.

We already discussed patient selection criteria for double knees earlier. We are also aware that though there are many advantages to it, not everybody is an ideal candidate for bilateral knee procedure.

Drawbacks of Double Knee Replacement

double knee replacement

Although it makes complete sense to go for bilateral knees financially due to reduced cost, staged bilateral knee replacement or unilateral knee replacement might be worth it due to increased medical risk and potential complications.

The following drawbacks or cons of double knee come to mind; however, you are welcome to share more disadvantages that come to your mind.

  • Medical complications
  • Blood loss
  • Increased rehab
  • Longer recovery time
  • Longer Anesthesia time
  • Lack of experience of doctor

Medical Complications

We all are aware that with any medical or surgical procedure, there is an inherent risk of medical complications.

Those medical complications include infections, blood clots, cardiac problems, stroke, nerve injuries, etc.

As per the study Bilateral Knee replacement have more problems compared to single knee surgeries.

Need for blood transfusion

Since both the knees are replaced, there is more blood loss than a single knee and, thus, an increased need for blood transfusion.

Prolonged Anesthesia

Knee replacement Anesthesia

We all are aware that being under anesthesia can be complicated. Now imagine being under anesthesia for longer due to simultaneous bilateral knee replacement, where your both knees are replaced at one go. 

It will take that long for the surgeon to perform bilateral knees compared to a single knee, no matter how good is your surgeon.

Longer rehabilitation with

Double Knee Replacement

Since both the knees are replaced and undergone major soft tissue trauma due to surgery, it will take a relatively long time for your bilateral knee replacement recovery. 

Also, you might need some more support in your daily living activities since you will have no good leg to stand on temporarily.

One solution to that increased need for support is to stay at a rehab facility that can help you with early knee replacement recovery. They provide physical therapy and daily activity support with round the clock access to skilled professionals.

Surgeon’s experience with

Double Knee Replacement

knee surgeon

The basic skill sets of all board-certified Knee doctors are the same since they have to undergo a rigorous certification process to be a doctor.

However, real-life experience is very critical for the successful outcome of any procedure. When you ask your doctor’s questions, make sure you ask them about their experience in conducting double knee replacement.

After reading this doom and gloom article about double knee replacement, what have you decided? 

Have you read the benefits of the procedure and if you are an ideal candidate for it?

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